About Us

SoukCom.com is a shared economy e-commerce platform that helps manufacturers from the Arab-African region to market and sell their products across the region and worldwide.
Soukcom.com was established in 2014 in Cairo, Egypt. To be the Official Portal of the Arab African Common Market Soukcom.com. The platform was founded to empower the Businesses, Traders and Manufacturers from Middle East and Africa (MEA), with an affordable tool to promote their businesses, services and products; regionally and globally to compete with Multi-National Corporates and still come ahead with winning revenues.

Lots of Challenges faces the Arab-African manufacturers and businesses that prevents them from expanding their businesses and can even oblige them to close, leaving lots of opportunities wasted. Some of these challenges could be listed as:
  • Limited online presence of the Arab and African businesses, which increases the gap between them and their potential clients. Especially with the increase of the number of internet users in the region.
  • The Limited Visibility of the Businesses in the Arabic-African region into the global markets, which makes them loose many business and trade opportunities.
  • Difficulty in promoting their businesses regionally and globally to enter new markets.
  • Complications to market their products, due to the elevated prices of traditional marketing channels in contrast to their low marketing budgets.
  • Lack of connection and communication between businesses in the Middle Eastern and African Region. Which reduces their chances of inter-trade, cooperation and export within the MEA region.
  • Unawareness of the available regional trade agreements and trading blocs advantages, which gives an edge to the Arabic and African manufacturers in inter-trade and global exportation.
  • The lack of awareness about the global trade data and its indicators. Which can negatively affect the decision making and planning by the regional manufactures, traders and investors.

Soukcom.com provides Solutions to these challenges by bringing together all the stakeholders on one platform and preparing the suitable ecosystem to facilitate their interaction. Such that, it would be the one stop shop for everyone who is interested in manufacturing, trading or investing in the Arabic and African region. Soukcom.com offers:

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Who can Benefit from Soukcom.com?

  • All Factories and companies who produce goods on all their four scales (Micro, Small, Medium and Large), such that their products are of an Arabic or African origin.
  • Individuals doing crafts, artistic work and/or products on small scale.
  • Services companies that complement this ecosystem such as Lawyers, Accountants, Security companies, Shipping companies, Consulting companies, etc.
  • Clients, Traders and Investors from all over the world who wants to do business or buy from the Arabic and African region.


  • Provide each Arabic and African Business with an easy and affordable tool to promote their businesses, open new markets and do more business locally, regionally and globally. While actively engaging into the global production and value chains.
  • Increase the inter-trade in the Arab-African region to achieve trade and regional economic integration and promote for regional linkages.
  • Increase the exportation from the Middle Eastern and African region and give an opportunity for micro, small and medium businesses to export and achieve revenues.
  • Create more job-opportunities for sustainable development in the MEA region; by supporting and developing the industrial sector which is an engine for job creation and economic growth.
  • Provide Arab and African Women manufacturers and craft makers, with an e-commerce platform to promote and sell their products without the need to travel or leave their homes. That might contradict with their circumstances as caregivers or due to social constrains.
  • Encourage fair trade by offering better trading conditions to assure the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries. Through cutting the mediator and connecting the manufacturer to the buyer directly.
  • Facilitate the information about the regional and global trade facilitations, agreements and indicators. To assure that the manufacturing, trading and investment efforts are being directed towards building a more resilient society.


  • Overcome geographical and political borders to achieve an Arabic African common Market that would be an engine for growth and sustainable development for the region.
  • Be the one stop shop for every manufacture, trader and investor who wants to do business in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).
  • Become the most known e-commerce platform that connects the Arab-African businesses and their products to the whole world.
  • Expand our market to include businesses from other developing markets like Latin America.
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