General questions
  • At the top any page on click Join Us
  • Choose the account type
  • Start to fill in your personal information or the information of the person who will manage the page on Soukcom (the inserted email at this step will be used later to login on Soukcom) then click “Next”
  • Fill in your company’s basic information then click “Next”
  • Submit your company’s legal document (you can skip this step and complete it later if you prefer) then click “Next”
  • Choose your preferred subscription package on Soukcom and finish the registration process. To learn more about the packages features click here .
    You can watch this video to see a step by step tutorial on how to join
Soukcom welcomes all the Arabic and African companies and manufacturers regardless of their size or field. So they can be a part of the common Arabic African market and to start using the benefits offered by the portal.
To make sure that the company’s account is granted to the real company owner. To protect our users from fraud and any possible misuse of the company’s name.
  • Login to your account on with the e-mail you used at the registration process and use your current password if this is your first time to login, you will find a password sent to you on your e-mail from
  • After Logging in, click on “My Account” then go to “Personal Page”
  • Click on “Change password” then write the old password and the new password twice.
  • You will get a notification in the same page that the password has been changed successfully.
  • Watch the tutorial video of the steps to change your password
You will receive an instant notification on your account on and an e-mail will be sent to you on your e-mail account.
  • Use Soukcom search engine, to search for businesses by sector or by business name
  • Click on the business you want from the search results to go to the full webpage of the business and it’s contact forms.
  • You can now contact this business directly through the contact form on the bottom of the page that will let you chat with the business owners through chatting tool. Or you can use their contact details to call them or visit them directly.
    Click here to use Soukcom search engine to find businesses in The Middle East and Africa
  • Go to the Webpage of the business on that offers the product or service that you want to purchase.
  • Click on the product picture to go to the product details page.
  • Click on the button “Ask about this Product”
  • Write your inquiry together with your contact details.
  • Instantly the page owner will receive your request on his account on Soukcom and on his e-mail. And both of you can now chat using chatting tool to talk more about the product to finish the deal.
  • The number of products you can upload depends on your subscribed package on as follows:
    1. Free package: Let you display 4 products on your page.
    2. Basic Package: Let you display 10 products on your page.
    3. Premium Package: Let you display an unlimited number of products on your page.
  • To learn more about our packages.
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