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Rania Sharaf began her jewelry designing career by studying Gemology and joined a workshop by the name of the "Workshop of Khan El Khalili". There, Sharaf learned how to manufacture jewelry. Rania studied in the faculty of "Applied Arts" where she was able to compare academic studies with the work field. Later on, Rania learned the art of designing through some Italian friends who taught her everything about Geometric free hand design. Moreover, Rania currently studies jewelry design at the "Jewelry Technology Center". Finally, Rania wants to ascertain to those who appreciate jewelry that it is not only an industry but a refined art. This will be demonstrated through the pages of her profile.


بيع الماس

بيع الماس HRD Certified

بيع الذهب

بيع الذهب

بيع الاحجار الكريمة

مثل : اليقوت ، و الزمرد، العقيق و الزفير، اللؤلؤ .. ألخ.

بيع الفضة و الاحجار الكريمة

بيع مشغولات فضية بالاحجار الكريمة ، لتزيين المنزل و حلي.


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